Saturday, March 30, 2019

3 Realistic Ways To Become A Stay At Home Mom

I remember when I first wanted to be a sahm (stay at home mom). It was when Brooklyn started hitting all her milestones & I realized I never wanted to miss a single one. At that time, she was either with me or her dad throughout the day but I started praying it into existence at that point: "I will be a stay at home mom".

Spring Cleaning Series: Toddler Bedroom!

Hi everyone! Today I am bringing you a video and written run down of how I "spring clean" my toddlers' bedroom because it was in desperate need.
It was such a wreck from them constantly taking their bedding apart and pulling all their toys out everywhere.

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Here are some key things that I was sure to address during this cleaning:

1. Wash Bedding
I try to do this every month because..toddlers are toddlers. Plus mine love to drag their sheet on the floor as a game *eyeroll* So I strip their beds down to the waterproof covers & get everything washed, scented with fabric softener, & put back on after all other cleaning. Their bedding is all from Target for those that asked on my Instagram

2. Hang Up All Clothes
This is something that is hard to get to sometimes. I lay clothes flat on the dryer and never get back to them. But today I was sure to replenish their closets! It gave me such a sense of accomplishment just doing that, so get it all hung up or put away in drawers. You won't regret it. 

3. Declutter Clothes
I did this as I hung up/folded their clothing. I took out cold season clothing to store away & put clothes that are now too small into a box for donation. If donating isn't your thing, you can try to sell them on apps like Offer Up or Poshmark (use invite code 'jaimeewong' for $5 credit).  Decluttering clothes minimizes laundry & maximizes space :) 

4. Clear Out Under the Bed 
So necessary! All the toys, clothing, sippy cups whatever else toddlers like to shove under there comes up & the room is a whole new level of clean. 

5. Toy organization
Now that under the bed is clear you can use whatever system you like to organize those toys. Jessica Tull on YouTube put me onto dividing all toys into these clear plastic bins from the Dollar Tree. I love this method because it keeps all the small pieces contained and you can pull down whatever bin your kids want to play with. This is a way of again, minimizing the mess and maximizing space. This is also perfect for toy rotation!

6. Wipe down!
At this point I take Lysol wipes and wipe down their bed frames their closet doors their bedroom door and any wall sections that they’re able to reach to get any stains dirt or germs off of the surface area.

7. Vacuum!
Next is my favorite part! I could vacuum all day long, it is so relaxing for me. Their room just felt super clean after this step of reviving the carpet's shape and getting all the little crumbs out of their carpet.

8. Make Beds
I remade their beds with the clean bedding & this really brought the room together all over again :) Knowing they’ll be sleeping in a clean bed, in a squeaky clean room is a great feeling as a mom!

I hope this has inspired you to spring clean parts, if not all, of your home this season.
What is your fave thing/way to clean?